Since 1938

Abralux deals with dyes and pigmentsi with constant attention to research and quality of its products.
A careful selection of raw materials and the use of traditional machines such as stone mills and three-cylinder refiners, allows us to obtain products such as powder pigments, high-quality acrylic colours and auxiliaries that can be used in decoration, fine artsi andl restoration.
The collaboration with Tommaso Bottalico ed to the creation of the Tommy Art product line.

The project involves the development ofi high-quality products designed to give maximum prominence to ideas and application possibilities. With Tommy Art products, you fall in love with both the creative project and the product.

Tommaso Bottalico has always ranged between very different techniques but for some years he has dedicated himself almost totally to facilitated painting.

The method from the United States allows anyone to learn to paint in a short time and with excellent results.

He collaborates with several specialized magazines and isthe artistic director of the Country Painting and Decorative Painting magazine.
In 2000 he founded a decoration academy where he trains teachers specialized in painting techniques.